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Safety Instructions and Operational Procedures
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Here at CM Backcountry Rentals we pride ourselves on Superior Customer Service & Proper Instructions.  With the right training, instruction and attention to detail, we will help enable you the customer to handle the snowmobile in a safe and responsible manner. We have developed a safety education program and hands on orientation program for all snowmobile rental customers. 
As part of your orientation our skilled and professional staff will determine how much snowmobile handling experience you have and your familiarity level with safe snowmobiling practices. 
                       Customer Orientation Techniques:
  • We take a step by step approach giving you the customer time to absorb what you are expected to put into practice.
  • The basics will be covered with a simple set of actions you will perform right away.
  • We will provide not only written materials, but videos and hands on training.
  • You will feel a sense of accomplishment even in a relatively short 15-minute pre-ride education session.
  • We have developed a step by step lesson plan and checklist to cover all aspects of training.
  • A review of local trail hazards and rules and regulations particular to our area will be given.
  • You will be provided with operational characteristics and safety features of the snowmobile you will be operating, such as snowmobile controls.
  • We will teach you common courtesies of operating a snowmobile on the trail and the potential affect on wildlife, the environment, and other uses.
  • A Safe recommended distance between snowmobiles.
  • Practical skills required to properly operate a snowmobile safely.
  • Each snowmobile will be equipped with on-board safety equipment.
  • Snowmobile Trip preparation and trail maps.
  • We will teach you the Rules of the Road, such as: completely stopping the machine before crossing a highway.
  • Provide handouts on Snowmobiler's Code of Ethics and Sledders Pledge
  • Instructor will complete Customer Orientation Documentation then sign and date it.  We will also have you the customer sign and date the document, so we know you have in fact read and understood the instruction given.