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Avalanche Beacons
Tracker DTS
Tracker DTS is the easiest and best-selling beacon on the market because of its rapid processor and simple user interface. A real-time, digital display shows both direction and distance with bright red LEDs. The distance is shown in meters and indicator lights display the direction of transmitting beacons. As the world’s most widely used transceiver, the Tracker has established a strong reputation for durability and reliability.
$20.00 Daily Rental
Avalanches are a matter of timing.  Some days steep slopes are safe, some days they are not.
90% of avalanche victims die in slides triggered by themselves or a member of their group.
A buried victim has an 80% chance of survival after 10 minutes, but survival quickly drops to a 40% chance after 12 minutes.  If you plan on riding in Avalanche territory, don't risk it, you need a beacon.
What do we reccomend?
  • Bring a beacon or rent one
  • Go one at a time in Avalanche Terrain
  • Look for recent Avalanches
Any slope steeper than 30 degrees is Avalanche terrain...Even very small slopes...Even slopes with trees.
Also low angle slopes are avalanche terrain if they have steep slopes above them.
You can trigger avalanches from the flats in certain conditions.